Dance Conference in Dansehallerne


Do you want to hear about dance as an artform in schools, and do you want to investigate the potential of art in participatory (choreographic) art?

Please, join our conference in Dansehallerne on May 30th-31st 2017!

Dansehallerne hereby invites you for a two-day conference about Dance in schools and about participatory (choreographic) art. Join us and be part of exciting and challenging dialogues and movement laboratoires og get inspiration from artists, school teachers and academic researchers from Denmark and abroad.

NB – please choose, whether you want to join the conference for one or two days.


Tuesday May 30th 2017 at 10.00-16.30

When does dance as an artform matter in schools – and why?

Hear about dance as an artform in schools and be part of discussions about whether and how dance contributes to the education, the individual and common growth, learning and the social lives of children in schools.

Be part of movement laboratoires with dance companies Studio Wayne McGregor (UK) and Cacao Bleu (BEL), and the orchestra Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen (DE).

Keynote speakers:

  • Paul Collard, director of Creativity, Culture and Education, The International Foundation for Creative Learning (UK).
  • Simon Axø, philosopher and principal of Testrup Højskole (DK).

The day will be facilitated by Karsten Thygesen, former teacher and headmaster of a school, and today CEO of

Read more about the programme for May 30th


– a conference on participatory (choreographic) art projects. 

Dansehallerne, May 31st 2017 at 9.00-15.30

How does the involvement of citizens, communities and audiences in art projects influence artwork, artists and arts institutions? 

Taking our point of departure in this question, we explore the potential and the challenges of participatory (choreographic) art.

The main target group of the conference is artists, art and culture institutions as well as independent producers and project managers.





8.30-9.00              The registration is open

9.00-9.30              Participatory activities

9.30-9.40              WELCOME by Dansehallerne, Artistic Director Efva Lilja

                             Framing the conference content and presentation of the program (Anna Krarup, project manager Ta’ fat om dansen)

9.40-10.20           KEYNOTE presentation by Birgit Eriksson (DK), Associate Professor at University of Aarhus. Why is cultural participation a trend right now and how can we understand this concept in the field of art?

10.30 -12.00       CASE-SESSIONS part #1, choose one of the following

  1. Poste Restante (SWE) v/ Linn Hilda Lamberg (artistic director)
  2. Wayne McGregor Studio (UK) v/ Jasmine Wilson, Director of Learning and Engagement
  3. Ta’ fat om dansen/ Aaben Dans, sART Danseteater, Dansekapellet (DK), with Thomas Nørskov, project manager of Dansefyrtårn ROK, Sofie Christiansen, artistic director of sART Danseteater, and Anne Therese Sønderstrup, deputy head of Dansekapellet.
  4. Staatsschauspiel Dresden (GER) with Miriam Tscholl, director of Bürgerbühne Staatsschauspiel Dresden.

12.00-13.00       LUNCH

13.00-14.30       CASE-SESSIONS part #2, choose one of the following

  1. Wooloo (DK) v/ Sixten Kai Nielsen and Martin Rosengaard, artistic directors
  2. Fevered Sleep (UK) v/ David Harradine and Sam Butler, artistic directors
  3. hello!earth (DK) v/ Vera Maeder, artistic director
  4. Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen (GER) v/ Lea Fink, Education Head of The Future Lab, Lieske Strudthoff, project management of The Future Lab, Stephan Schrader, cellist in Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen and Annette Rüggeberg, former Headmaster of Gesamtschule Bremen-Ost

14.30-15.20        DIALOGUE IN GROUPS

Questions about working on participatory art projects:

  • What happens to the artistic signature and the mindset?
  • How does it change the relationship between artists and the audience?
  • What do you experience is the biggest challenge working with participation in your work? And how to deal with it in the future?

15.20-15.30    A short summing up – what new knowledge from today do you bring home?


NB – This part of the conference will be in English and is part of the theatre festival CPH Stage.

Read more about the programme for May 31st


The conference is organised by Dansehallerne with support from The Nordea Foundation.

The conference springs from Dansehallerne’s nationwide project “Ta’ Fat Om Dansen(Make Dance Matter) supported by the Nordea Foundation. This project has brought community dance activities to thousands of people in Denmark from 2014 to 2017.  A number of these cases will be presented during the conference.


May 30th at 10.00-16.30 and May 31st at 9-15.30 in Dansehallerne, Bohrsgade 19, (2nd floor), 1799 Copenhagen V.


Please register before May 8th 2017. You may choose to register for one or two days.

Two-day-ticket (May 30th and 31st): 400 DKK (including lunch and coffee/tea during the day)

One-day-ticket May 30th: Dance in schools: 250 DKK (including lunch and coffee/tea during the day)

One-day-ticket May 31st: Taking Part in the Arts?: 250 DKK (including lunch and coffee/tea during the day)

Ticket for Needcompany May 31st*: 100 DKK (please follow this link, and when you reach the payment site, the price will be changed to 100 DKK)

NB special student price – please show your student card at the conference registration:

Two-day-ticket: 200 DKK (including lunch and coffee/tea during the day)

One day ticket May 30th: 125 DKK (including lunch and coffee/tea during the day)

One-day-ticket May 31st: 125 DKK (including lunch and coffee/tea during the day)


*As a special offer and in collaboration with CPH Stage, we offer our conference guests tickets at a special price for the performance ‘The Blind Poet’ by Needcompany (BEL), playing at The Royal Theatre, ‘Gamle Scene’, May 31st at 19.00 Read about the performance here


Anna Krarup +45 33 88 80 45